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About Gold Fund Jewellery

Since ancient times, gold has been considered to be the safe haven and the trading unit upon which many generations have depended on as a basic tool for their daily dealings in sale and purchase. The precious metals is still the main reference for the economies of many countries in the world therefore, Dubai is considered as one of the world’s strongest markets for gold and precious metals, which include alloy bars and bullion. In one year, Dubai turned over 35% of the total gold trade in the world. Dubai is also known for its international title of, "The City of Gold".

Based on our belief that gold is one of the cornerstones of the global economy and it is the best commercial and financial trading solution for individuals and companies, we have established Gold Fund for Jewelry and its various activities in the trade of precious metals alloy bars and bullion. Under the commercial license No. 778632 of the Department Economic Development -Dubai, and in the midst of these tremendous developments in the Dubai Gold Market, our company has introduced its services and products in the UAE market and globally to investors, whether individuals, companies or banks.


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GOLD FUND JEWELLERY has a team of multinational, highly skilled and experienced traders in the local market and international markets handling the import, export, sale, purchase and actual trading of gold as well as comprehensive consulting services to our trading partners and investors.

In accordance with these standards, we urge individuals and companies to invest and save in gold and precious metals that meet international quality standards in Dubai DGD and in London LGD.

We aspire to be the first in the trading world to trade gold and precious metals in both local and international markets. We seek to adopt new technical ideas, methodology in quality, management in the gold trade and global pursuit so that we can bring as many people and investors from around the world through our doors.

Our ambition is to be the best choice for individual and corporate investors who are looking for a profitable and guaranteed investment business environment.

We aim to develop and strengthen a secure relationship between our company and customers through constant commitment to servicing our client’s requirements and needs.